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Search Engine Optimization for Plumbing & HVAC Companies

Parnter with a Leader in Plumbing & HVAC SEO

With 1SEO steering the success of your Plumbing and/or HVAC company’s SEO strategy, you can expect a customized strategy designed to help your brand rank higher across all major search engines, which will translate to a substantial increase in brand awareness, service-based lead generation, and revenue growth. As one of the nation’s leaders in SEO services, 1SEO’s experts understand each HVAC client requires different solutions to meet and exceed their business goals. However, here’s what you can expect to serve as the foundation for your Plumbing and/or HVAC company’s SEO campaign strategy:

Get Found on Google with SEO

Google receives over 40,000 searches every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion search queries each day, and over 1.2 trillion searches annually

With over 500,000 organic HVAC searches on Google each month, it’s safe to say that if your website isn’t ranking on the first page, particularly in the top three results, you’re going to lose a significant amount of business to your competitors who are utilizing HVAC SEO & Plumbing SEO more effectively.

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Generate Better Leads with SEO for HVAC Companies & Contractors

Traffic to your HVAC company’s website from SEO is often referred to as “organic traffic.” This means that people searched for a term like “heating repair company” and selected your website from the search results. You did not pay a single cent to get them to click that link — they were able to find it because your site was optimized. This differs from the PPC campaign for your HVAC company, in which you pay for each click that you receive.

Whether residential customers in your area are searching “Heater repair near me” or “HVAC repair in [city, state]” on Google, the numbers don’t lie. Nearly 97% of consumers begin their search for an HVAC company online, with over half of those users clicking on the top three organic search results.

As a contracting company, if you’re not doing everything in your power to claim the top organic spots on Google, you’re allowing the competition to siphon off a significant source of revenue.

When you’re looking to generate more leads and improve the search engine rankings for your HVAC company, turn to the experts at 1SEO to get the job done efficiently. As a Nexstar Network Strategic Partner and Google Premier Partner, 1SEO has over a decade of proven SEO for HVAC experience, as well as advanced knowledge surrounding PPC for HVAC and creating converting HVAC web designs to ensure our HVAC clients are firing on all cylinders across the web.

Google My Business

Optimizing your HVAC company’s Google My Business (GMB) listing plays a crucial role in not only improving brand awareness but setting your contracting services apart from the competition.

GMB is an excellent (and free) way to keep customers (and potential customers) engaged with your company through meaningful content marketing. By offering your audience weekly industry updates in the form of blogs, infographics, videos/gifs, and service promotions, you’ll drive organic traffic to landing pages and encourage end-users to better understand your brand and services as they interact with your company’s website.

Earn Your Spot in Google's Local Map Pack

Google’s Local Map Pack, commonly referred to as “The Big 3”, is a section of Google’s search engine results page (SERP), which appears directly beneath paid advertisements.

The local map pack has become prominent lately, and it’s essential for service providers to focus on their local SEO ranking to earn among the local three-pack.

How to Get Ranked on Google’s Local Map Pack

Make Sure You're on the List

When’s the last time you opened a phone book? Today, having consistent and accurate listings across every platform is the equivalent of having your information in the yellow pages. You’ll want to make sure that you have a fully optimized Google My Business profile, which allows people to see key information about your business before they even visit your website. Our team will also help you make sure your listings are accurate on other directories such as Yelp, yellowpages.com, and Angie’s List.

Transparent Reporting

Have you worked with SEO companies in the past who assured you that they were doing the right thing, but didn’t provide you with any proof? With 1SEO, you’ll never be left wondering how your keywords are performing, or, more importantly, how many phone calls you received thanks to your HVAC company’s SEO campaign. Our team will share custom digital marketing reports with you on a monthly basis that show you your current keyword rankings, how many people have visited your website, how many leads you received from each marketing channel, and more.

The Top SEO Company For HVAC

Our team of SEO experts specializes in creating campaigns for the HVAC industry, and we have businesses who have trusted us for years to help them be successful online. Contact us today to find out how we can take your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our SEO services for HVAC can not only help improve awareness of your brand in local search results but can also enhance your website’s ranking factors and generate more qualified leads for your business. Here Are Some Best Practices for HVAC SEO: 1. Take a mobile-first approach when designing your HVAC company’s website. 2. Focus on local SEO priorities; don’t try to rank nationally in the beginning. 3. Implement dedicated pages on your site for primary keywords you want to rank for. 4. Consider UX / UI – Page Speed, Easy Navigation, High-Quality Content 5. Make Sure Your Site is Converting, Optimize accordingly

Just as your contractors have no way to tell how long a customer’s HVAC repair will take until they figure out what the problem is, the same can be said for search engine optimization. With SEO, there is no actual “endpoint”; rather, it’s an organic initiative that is an ongoing process that requires regular backend maintenance, content updates, and link building to ensure your ranking keywords are performing to the best of their ability. When you first decide to optimize your website for organic search engine placements, the two primary obstacles to overcome are your location and your local competition. For example, if your local HVAC company competes with a national service provider with a large budget which already dominates the paid & organic results, it’s going to be a longer process than if you were the only HVAC contractor in your area.

Rather than focusing solely on the return of your HVAC company’s investment in SEO services, you need to first clearly understand and define what your goals are. When you partner with 1SEO, our CRMs and SEO specialists will work to create customized solutions to meet the goals of your business. Though some digital marketers may tell you that you should expect to see an (X)% ROI on your investment in SEO over (Y) period of time; as both a Nexstar Strategic Partner and a Google Premier Partner specializing in SEO for HVAC, we can tell you that your return is contingent upon many factors which we outline during the onboarding process.

This is a question our SEO experts are often asked by clients and is determined by their industry. For HVAC contractors, you need to consider the fact that when consumers are looking for an HVAC company, they’re most likely requesting some sort of emergency service which requires immediate help locally. First, determine if your HVAC company has a set radius around your service area. Most often, HVAC service providers are limited to only provide local services, but if your brand serves customers across the country, you’ll require a more comprehensive SEO strategy to rank in service areas nationwide. Contact our experts today for a free consultation about local or national SEO for your HVAC company.

One of the reasons why 1SEO has earned our reputation as one of the most trusted marketing agencies is due to the transparency in reporting to clients. Our team builds out customized reporting solutions to ensure HVAC clients understand every aspect of their on-going SEO campaigns. Each month, you’ll receive digital marketing reports which break down your ranking keyword performance, web traffic, call tracking, and in-depth lead form generation reports. With 1SEO, you’ll always have an accurate understanding of your HVAC Company’s ROI.

Google’s Local Map Pack is a carefully curated list of local service providers within a designated radius where consumers can quickly access business listing recommendations, see company photos, read customer reviews, and gather a wealth of knowledge surrounding your company’s services. Google determines the top 3 local pack listings based on ranking factors, and those businesses claim the spots directly under paid advertisements on the first page of search results.